Friday, March 5, 2010

Birthday's and other momentus occasions

Well, it has been an interesting week to say the least...
From celebrating my nephew's birthday, to formally saying "goodbye" to the ukraine adoption route, to my son ending up in emergency and my daughter almost knocking out her front tooth the day before her third bday.

but since we are focusing on the adoption in this blog, I will fill you in on Feb 25th..the day our papers would have been submitted to the Ukrainian government for review and then acceptance/referral of a child. The day was met with mixed emotion, on the one hand, relieved that we didn't have to endure more paperwork,( which I found out later that day, could easily have been rejected once again, since the requirements changed at the end of January) second guessing our decision. The main thought that remained with me however at the end of that long day, was that I have two beautiful children who have been given to me as gifts...that I have the NOW to invest in their lives and that I must live for the moment and not for some imagined future that was mistakenly seem "greener"
Overall, a sobering day (in a good way)

thanks for reading..
more later