Sunday, September 19, 2010


Thanks all for praying. We had a great meeting with our social worker. We really like her and feel like we have connected with her well. The kids were questioned as to what they thought of the adoption and their answers were quite cute.
Thanks again for your support. We'll be keeping you posted.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A time to Pray

Just got linked to a great blog , who has created a crazy love prayer challenge.  Please join in prayer and fasting this wednesday, Sept 8, for adoptions all over the world.

Here is our story short and sweet.  We started our adoption process 2 and half years ago.  We had hoped to adopt 2 children from Ukraine.  After many tries of getting our paperwork over there, only to have it expire etc..., along with the many other roadblocks, we had to come to a decision 2 years in, to change our adoption route. This was a heart wrenching process.  We have decided to adopt locally now in BC, Canada.  This also comes with it's own challenges.  We have had to do numerous home studies, have had many social workers, countless courier bills and many discouraging moments.  Strangely, we feel stronger about adoption now than we did at the time we started.  We are now 9 months into the domestic adoption process...and labour pains will hopefully start very soon!! We would ask for prayer for our social worker (who just again got transferred) to be replaced soon and that the new one would look upon us favorably for a placement of  2 children
Thanks so much for joining in.
Monika and Richard Wilson