Wednesday, December 15, 2010


HomeStudy Complete! Hip Hip Hooray!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Thanks all for praying. We had a great meeting with our social worker. We really like her and feel like we have connected with her well. The kids were questioned as to what they thought of the adoption and their answers were quite cute.
Thanks again for your support. We'll be keeping you posted.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A time to Pray

Just got linked to a great blog , who has created a crazy love prayer challenge.  Please join in prayer and fasting this wednesday, Sept 8, for adoptions all over the world.

Here is our story short and sweet.  We started our adoption process 2 and half years ago.  We had hoped to adopt 2 children from Ukraine.  After many tries of getting our paperwork over there, only to have it expire etc..., along with the many other roadblocks, we had to come to a decision 2 years in, to change our adoption route. This was a heart wrenching process.  We have decided to adopt locally now in BC, Canada.  This also comes with it's own challenges.  We have had to do numerous home studies, have had many social workers, countless courier bills and many discouraging moments.  Strangely, we feel stronger about adoption now than we did at the time we started.  We are now 9 months into the domestic adoption process...and labour pains will hopefully start very soon!! We would ask for prayer for our social worker (who just again got transferred) to be replaced soon and that the new one would look upon us favorably for a placement of  2 children
Thanks so much for joining in.
Monika and Richard Wilson

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The newest here

This will be a somewhat short post. We are now 3 months post fundraiser and not too much further ahead with our papers. We had almost completed our homestudy when our social worker, who we love, was transferred and can no longer keep our case load. This puts us on permanent hold until the position is filled and that new worker takes on our load, completes our study and then we carry on. It could be a very long wait. Prayers are appreciated...for patience and trust in God.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our Coffeehouse!

Not sure how many people are reading this, but our Coffeehouse was a huge blessing. We had a great time, and were able to raise about $3000.00 toward our adoption. Thanks to our friends and family and community for making this possible!

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Sneak Peak...

Erica Baker

"Memories" by Lorraine Williams

"Crocuses" by Michael Hepher

"Everyday Joy" by Monika Wilson

Just to wet your appetite.
Hope to see many of you there
at the Gathering Place.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010



GOOD MUSIC (courtesy of Cat and the fiddle and Good company -formally known as Gardom's Guest)

GREAT CAUSE (all proceeds go to our adoption fund)

Hope to see many of you there. If you want to be involved somehow, let me know!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Birthday's and other momentus occasions

Well, it has been an interesting week to say the least...
From celebrating my nephew's birthday, to formally saying "goodbye" to the ukraine adoption route, to my son ending up in emergency and my daughter almost knocking out her front tooth the day before her third bday.

but since we are focusing on the adoption in this blog, I will fill you in on Feb 25th..the day our papers would have been submitted to the Ukrainian government for review and then acceptance/referral of a child. The day was met with mixed emotion, on the one hand, relieved that we didn't have to endure more paperwork,( which I found out later that day, could easily have been rejected once again, since the requirements changed at the end of January) second guessing our decision. The main thought that remained with me however at the end of that long day, was that I have two beautiful children who have been given to me as gifts...that I have the NOW to invest in their lives and that I must live for the moment and not for some imagined future that was mistakenly seem "greener"
Overall, a sobering day (in a good way)

thanks for reading..
more later

Friday, February 12, 2010

New Perspective

Though I have heard this so often "God is the perfect gift-giver", I was reminded of this Truth by a friend who has adopted 2 children, each with their unique exactly the right time.
God knows why we started our journey two years ago with Ukraine and had to come to a decision a few months ago to change tracks. Now we are excited about the prospect of welcoming a child from BC in to our home. I have had many days of peace knowing that God's wisdom is SO beyond my human understanding and that He has given me 2 precious gifts (and their Papa!!) right here...for today, to love.

We will be having a fundraiser coffeehouse where my band "Gardom's Guest" as well as "the Cats and the fiddle will be performing. There will be a number of pieces of art, created by local artist for sale also, by silent auction. We are so looking forward to a fun night of music, art, food and fun.

Mark MAY 2ND in your calendars and tell your neighbours!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A new Year

Well, just incase you think we've fallen off the planet...nope, not quite. An update on our adoption status. We have discussed with our British Columbia agency regarding our international adoption and after doing the requirements necessary , have officially switched to "domestic"..meaning that now we "actively" wait for a birthmother to choose our family. What a great day that will be.

Happy New Year