Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Asking for Prayer

As we start our 4th round of paperwork, in hopes of a submission date in the spring, I am asking you to Pray for us..that we will be faithful to God, that we will love each other in this process.(.that I find quite stressful) It has been quite a ride over these past 2 years..with I'm sure more adventures to come. I believe it to be a miracle that we are still on the road to adoption. I praise God for that. We are trusting God to provide for us, in every way as we seek him out in these days.


Conethia and Jim Bob said...

I do pray for God to give you strength all around. Strength to stay positive, to look forward to those faces tht one day will brighten your home. Strength that you are able to remain calm with one another during such a stressful and heartbreaking time. No one truely emphasises the wait. The long, can't do anything to speed up the process wait! Just try thinking about the other side of the wait. Perhaps your babies are not quite ready for international adoption. Perhaps their siblings aren't in the system yet. God is working on a truely special baby/babies for you. All good things take time. Just imagine the joy that awaits you and your family. Hugs from down south.

Cindy and Bill said...

You are WISE to be asking for prayer. It is quite the journey - dear to the heart of the Father to the Fatherless, but hated by the enemy.

Tim & Rita said...

Wow, you have really been through a lot. We have a submission date of 11/23/09 and we made the decision last fall. We officially begna with our advisor in December and had our home study completed in February.

From what I have read, couples who have been submitting lately have been approved quickly and have been travelling in a short period as well.

As Conethia said, it will all be in God's time and His timiing is bringing you to the child(ren) that He has waiting for you.

You are in our prayers,
R & T