Friday, February 12, 2010

New Perspective

Though I have heard this so often "God is the perfect gift-giver", I was reminded of this Truth by a friend who has adopted 2 children, each with their unique exactly the right time.
God knows why we started our journey two years ago with Ukraine and had to come to a decision a few months ago to change tracks. Now we are excited about the prospect of welcoming a child from BC in to our home. I have had many days of peace knowing that God's wisdom is SO beyond my human understanding and that He has given me 2 precious gifts (and their Papa!!) right here...for today, to love.

We will be having a fundraiser coffeehouse where my band "Gardom's Guest" as well as "the Cats and the fiddle will be performing. There will be a number of pieces of art, created by local artist for sale also, by silent auction. We are so looking forward to a fun night of music, art, food and fun.

Mark MAY 2ND in your calendars and tell your neighbours!!


Doris Born said...

This event will be a great one... and I hope that you will enjoy the whole process of preparing for it and performing.
Love Doris

cathy.attridge said...

Hi Monika, I've never "blogged" before now! What will the location of the coffee house be? Or did I miss that?
Thank you for keeping us informed. I continue to pray for you and your family. Love Cathy

Monika said...

The concert will be at the Gathering Place...Don't worry, there will be Lots of ads out and I'll keep the blog updated on that as well. Welcome to Blogworld!! Have a great day Cathy

Joel and Karey Congo said...

Moni, you're amazing. I'm very excited for you and it's very neat to see how God is going to work it all out. I love that we can follow along with you!

Anie said...

i shall mark it, and I shall make plans to come! can we get a sitter for all our kids? (so I can at least hear your set!)